This is the donation page.
Using this page you can make donations in TESTKUDOS to Free Software projects.

Donate to Free Software projects

This donations website shows the user experience for donations with GNU Taler.
You can make donations in an toy currency (TESTKUDOS)

Please select a project, the amount (*) of TESTKUDOS you wish to donate, and enter the donor's name that will appear on your receipt:

(*) To make the demo a bit more interesting, the 5 TESTKUDOS option is deliberately implemented with a fault: the merchant will try to make you donate 6 TESTKUDOS instead of the 5 TESTKUDOS shown in the form. But do not worry, you will be given the opportunity to review the final offer from the merchant in the Taler wallet. That way, Taler protects you from committing to erroneous payments.

You can learn more about GNU Taler on our main website.

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